Our Services

At Angela Immobilier, we go above and beyond the usual assistance that estate agents offer. We personally cater for every aspect of buying and renting Swiss real estate with a complete range of professional property services, including:


Sales and rentals of exclusive Swiss properties in Crans Montana


Advice and application for obtaining Swiss residency/domiciliation


Project management of new build properties and renovations


Advice on competitive Swiss mortgages, legal and tax issues


Sourcing reliable building contractors, tradesmen and interior decorators


Property management including maintenance, administration and cleaning services


Our Personal Touch

In addition to our range of professional services, we are the only estate agents in Crans Montana that provides our clients with a personal touch that has come to define our reputation.

We always travel extra lengths and all of our clients’ requests, no matter how unusual, are met with a smile and an enthusiastic attitude.

“Angela even convinced the forest department to relocate a tree that was blocking our view. Four years later, I’m still a happy resident enjoying wonderful views!”

Among the many ways that we’ve personally helped our clients is convincing the forest department to ethically remove a tree that was obscuring their beautiful view of the Alps. And, taking care of two young children at my own chalet when their father was unexpectedly called away on an urgent business trip – and all they wanted to do was stay and ski!

Please contact us to arrange an appointment and we will be pleased to assist you with any questions you have…


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Swiss Property Sales

Whether you are interested in buying a primary or secondary home in Crans Montana we have an exclusive portfolio of properties ranging from luxurious Swiss chalets to simple pied-a-terres.

Depending on your criteria, we will recommend a selection of suitable properties and accompany you throughout the entire process – offering professional advice on the market and personally managing the sale to ensure your purchase is as seamless as possible.


Swiss Property Rentals

For rentals – ranging from short-stay holidays to seasonal and long-term occupancies – we have some of the best properties to rent in Crans Montana located on the slopes and within the charming town itself.

We have a variety of residences with an emphasis on premium Swiss rental homes. Our personalised service also offers exclusive property management services for clients on long-term stays – with concierge-style services that include administration, cleaning and maintenance, restaurant reservations, child care and more.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment and we will be pleased to assist you with any questions you have…


Swiss Mortgage Advice and Application

Our financial background, experience in the local property market and trusted relationships with various banking institutions can assist you in finding an ideal Swiss mortgage at competitive rates.

Swiss mortgages offer the lowest annual interest rates in the world – they are currently less than 1.5% variable rate or fixed at 2% for long term loans – making Switzerland a perfect location for property investment.


Swiss banks will lend up to 70% of the purchase price – usually in the form of a current account overdraft that is repayable over 25 years. We can guide you through each stage of application and introduce you to banks with a history of dealing with international clients, including all documentation supplied in English.

Swiss banks do not typically charge a setup fee or require life insurance. Mortgage registration costs vary from one canton to another but will not exceed a maximum of 1.6% of the amount borrowed. Interest – currently less than 1.5% variable rate or fixed at 2% for long term loans – is payable every quarter on the capital outstanding over that period.

Swiss properties must be paid for in Swiss Francs. For clients who feel their domestic currency is strong against the Swiss Franc and prefer to convert immediately, we can introduce you to banks prepared to lend you Swiss Francs with a back-to-back security on your own currency.

Switzerland one of the least expensive places to both buy and sell properties in Europe. In the Valais, total purchase fees – including notary fees, land registry fees and taxes – are between 2.5% and 3.5% of the total purchase price. All purchase costs are paid for by the buyer, and sellers do not pay any notary fees.


Swiss Tax and Legal Advice

We are well versed in typical administration procedures to answer any tax or legal questions that you may have.

The tax situation in Valais is extremely favourable due to degressive taxes on real estate gains, low taxation on wealth and the absence of direct inheritance tax. Under certain conditions, it is also possible for foreign nationals to negotiate a flat-rate tax using the value of their property to calculate the rate.


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Obtaining Swiss Residency/Domiciliation

Foreign nationals can stay in Switzerland long-term by simply using a Swiss settlement permit, although some clients prefer applying for Swiss citizenship or permanent residency – the Swiss passport ranks fourth on the power passport index with visa-free access to 155 countries.

It is generally easy for European nationals to apply for citizenship, with foreigners typically qualifying for Swiss citizenship after 12 years of residence or for permanent residence after 10 years.

All foreign visitors staying in Switzerland for longer than 90 days require a residence permit, which applied from the local canton migration offices in the area where you intend to live, before settling in Switzerland. Click here for details of Valais Migration Offices.

We can guide you through the application process for Swiss residency/domiciliation and recommend high reputable contacts to obtain the most suitable permit for you and your family. Click here for details on the Types of Swiss Residence Permits.


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Project Management

For new build homes and Swiss property renovations, we can personally supervise most constructions – taking care of all the time-consuming, and often frustrating, co-ordination and administrative formalities.

We have excellent relationships with respected and reliable developers, local contractors and craftsmen who are renowned for the quality of work. And, with an eye for interior design ourselves, we can always advise on the small details that make a home beautiful.


Property Management

Our agency is committed to taking care of your property, especially in the rentals market where changes in tenancy are more common. We take care of advertising your Swiss property to rent as well as all administration duties including rent collection, property checks and insurance claims.

We also prepare our rental properties so that they are pristine on arrival, while guests are greeted with a welcome pack that includes useful information such as a list of activities and places of interest. We can also organise ski passes for guests, restaurant reservations, and make recommendations for any of your guests’ needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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